We know what it takes and deliver highest quality of workmanship.

what is a good install?


It takes a few core ingredients:

  1. An experienced team under the competent leadership of the qualified and accredited person in charge, liking to work together and loving the field of work.
  2. For every task the right tools, serviced and in good conditions.
  3. Enough time budgeted to work safe, to be productive and deliver highest quality while the weather conditions allow to do so.
From protecting the gutter…
From protecting the gutter…

Working on roofs does not only need the training to do so, but much more, being absolute stringent about safety. We are concentrated and focussed when we work on and around your house. No short cuts are taken and we always aim for the highest quality of workmanship. We will do it right the first time and hope to be recommended to your friends and family.


Your property is treated with greatest respect. And after we're done, we clean up. We follow all recommendations of the Clean Energy Council CEC and are up to date when regulations change. After hundreds of installs without roof leaks, we know what it takes. We use the right tool for every task. And we always keep in mind, that your system has to and will last for a very long time.

… to cleaning up when finished
… to cleaning up when finished

The inverter is mounted on the best available spot, away from direct sunlight, with enough room for air flow. The solar panels are mounted with sufficient distance from aerials (bird droppings would make a difference in the panels performance), gutters, edges. We simply fit your system at the best possible position. And after the install, we will explain everything you need to know about your system. The electrician in charge, is not a company that disappears once you might need help, but a family man living in the region and loving it.

Your business will benefit with solar PV installed in many ways and over a long time.
Commercial installation for your business success.