Solar Modules (PV Panels)

monocrystalline panel
monocrystalline panel
polycrystalline panel
polycrystalline panel

We install monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels of different brands. No matter if German or Asian made, they are all CEC approved, all have a positive power tolerance and they all come with the impressive warranty promises: 10 years on the frame, a guaranteed output of 90% after 10 years and a minimum of 80% after 25 years.


There are obviously many different brands, types and models on the Australian market. We source all our panels through suppliers with a strong reputation and with the buying power that allows us to be competitive. 


The actual panel size and power rating of the panels depends on your roof space. We always try to give you the best solution for the best price at the time of install. With the long life expectancy of a solar photovoltaic system, it is worth to buy the best product, that your budget allows.

Here some links to manufacturers of panels sold in WA at the moment:

Canadian Solar, Chinese-Canadian manufacturer, second biggest manufacturer in the world


Q-cells, originally German company, now owned by the Korean Hanwa

GCL, popular Chinese panel at a competitive price. Representend in WA


Sunpower, American panels with most power per m2, for limited roofspace


LG, Taiwanese brand with impressive panel solutions


Suntech, one of the worlds biggest manufacturer from China


Trina, an other of the worlds biggest manufacturers from China. Represented in Australia