Inverters (String - and Micro Inverters)

SMA - the German world market leader. This brand has a solution for every system size and every need. SMA has a branch in NSW. Standard 5 year warranty can be upgraded.

Manufacturers website:



Fronius - Austrian inverter with a strong reputation (till end of 2014 with free additional 5 year warranty). Another strong European brand with a branch in Australia (Melbourne).

Manufacturers website:

ABB (former Power-One) - big inverter manufacturer, owned by ABB (Swedish/Swiss) with production plants in Italy, China and the USA. ABB has a branch in Australia.

Manufacturers website:

(Photo: 300W micro inverter by ABB)

Goodwe - solid Chinese product with a great track record in our experience here in WA:

Zeversolar - one of the big Chinese names, when you're on a tight budget. This company is partly (over 70%) owned by the German world market leader SMA. Represented within Australia (Melbourne). Manufactureres website:

Zeus Appollo - an other option for smaller budgets. This company is represented through Zeus Appollo Solar in Perth, WA and Brisbane, QLD.