We are installing products we are convinced of by experience.

efficient panels

We source the best panels that suit your budget, your needs and your roof space.


reliable inverters    

The inverter is the the heart, or more likely the brain of your solar system. It converts the DC power of the solar panel to the AC power your appliancies and the grid are running on. It measures the production of electricity, connects to the grid, manages your array, restarts by it self in case the grid is interrupted. Every day the sun wakes your system up and the inverter does it's job quietly untill sunset. 



solid mounting systems

All our used components of racking are engineered for the conditions of the region where we install and are Australian Standard aproved. The rails are made of anodised aluminuim and are mounted onto stainless steel fixings which are fixed onto the main roof beams. Every part is mounted in a way that it stays solid and functioning over the whole life span of your photo voltaic system.