We assess, quote, organise and support the installation.


We don't buy container loads of gear that we have to hard sell to you. That keeps us open for new products and reduces our overhead to a minimum. You don't pay for our ware house - we don't need one. 

We are free to choose the best option.


After hundreds of installations with all kinds of companies and teams, installing a wide variety of equipment on all kinds of roofs, we know what makes an installation a quality solar install.

Your system will last for a long time, so there is no time for short cuts.


As a true believers in sustainable energy, we are constantly on the pulse of the industry and adapting to the ongoing changes. There is a life without electricity bills. 

We love working in the solar industry.

why we do it.

Why not!?

Western Australia has almost perfect conditions for solar power: Beautiful blue skies most of the year and lots of empty roof space. There are many smarter ways to generate electricity than burning coal – or money. Photovoltaics is one of the best ways to do so: quiet, long lasting, affordable and low maintenance. Living without high electricity bills is possible. Let’s do it!

Off course, it makes more sense to have decentralised

solar farms  - We just like to illustrate the total surface needed.