Your quality installation is built to last and perform. Let's bring it on.

the install is happening

let's find a date

the installation

job done!

Please let us know when Western Power has reprogrammed or changed your existing meter. After all the materials are sourced and locked in with the suppliers, you will get a call about the date of installation. Now is the time to make sure you have enough spare tiles, in case you have a tiled roof. On the day of installation you should be around, to sign off several documents, once the system is up and running.


We try to be on site early (sorry!), if yours is the first installation in the morning. But we wont make noise before 7 am. Please inform everybody in the house there are people working on the roof in order to make it safe for everyone around. At a certain stage the electrician will turn off the power for about half an hour and will give you enough notice. And off course: your solar pv system is designed and installed by a CEC accredited electrician with a lot of experience.


Your solar photovoltaic system starts producing electricity for you and you start saving money and CO2 emissions. Well done!

We will explain to you the inverter, explain the needed maintenance steps and answer any questions you might have. After the installation you will get the manual of your system.

Enjoy your free power from the sun!