We are passionate solar specialists.

about us

Behind Quality Solar Install is the Swiss - Australian installer Florian Haberli.

"Back in Switzerland I have co founded and run a top quality printing company with strong sustainability concepts (from year 2000 onward 100% solar powered) and ran an office for corporate design.

My Australian wife brought me to Perth, where I love working in the solar industry since several years. I have been employed at the number one solar company of WA (till its restructuring) and later installed hundreds of pv systems for many different solar companies. Besides working on roofs, I have been consulting customers and sold photovoltaic systems for several companies.

Working with Stefan's Electrical makes sure we can deliver highest standards and long lasting quality."

Stefan Koefler of Stefan's Electrical is the electrician in charge. Stefan is fully CEC accredited and highly experienced.

"I became a passionate solar specialist, because I believe we can improve our world, and I wanted to be a part of it."

A family man living in WA since over 24 years and delivering the high quality standards of his Swiss upbringing.

"Working with Quality Solar Install gives me the certainty, that the roof side of the soar installation reaches my standards."


Stefan Koefler of Stefan's Electrical is the electrician in charge of design and install

EC005280    CEC Accreditation 6450311