We quote and explain the ideal solution for your needs.

we give you options, info and explanations

we assess

we consult

you decide

Now is a good time to meet.

We carefully assess the options for installation. We physically go up on the roof of your home in order to provide a precise and individualized solution. We take photos, check your switch board and gather every bit of information we need to give you accurate quotations. After all, we are preparing an installation and make sure there are no surprises on the day of installation, not for you and not for us.


We give you quotes that encounter the best options for your needs, your roof and your budget.

We supply you with everything you need to know about the equipment we offer: the panels, the inverter, the racking and the warranties. We give you estimates of the power production you can expect from the system you're looking at and try to find an accurate answer to every question you may have.


Once you are sure about everything, you decide. Since you don't deal with sales people, you go ahead when you are ready. You're buying a system that lasts for a very long time - there is no need to rush.


When you're good to go, you pay a deposit of 10% of your total costs and complete an online form for your electricity provider (Synergy).  Once you've done that, you will recieve a "Retailer Reference Number" from your electricity provider (Synergy). We need this number of you as soon as possible to launch the next steps with Western Power.